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Multicoated filters for Osmo Pocket
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Klaus W.
First Officer
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ND filters in theory are a great idea, in professional cinema lenses there is even a dedicated filter slot. The front element of a lens can have a huge impact on its optical performance though. If you put a piece of glass in front of your lens this becomes your lense's front element which should be of high quality ("made from good optical glass, flat to within 1/4 wavelength (i.e. 100nm), and multicoated on both sides", cf. (ca. in the middle).
So in short, are there truly high quality multicoated ND filters and/or CPL filters for the Osmo Pocket?
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United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello and good day Klaus W. Thank you for sharing this information with us and thank you for your valued support.
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First Officer

United Kingdom

The front element of a lens is normally curved and the Osmo Pocket has a flat front screen so we have to assume there is already glass in front of the front element. It does not in itself seem to have had much of an impact on quality if any.
I make this point because most problems with filters is a double glazing effect between the flat glass of the filter and the curvature of the front element. This gets more complicated with the Osmo Pocket. To date, I have never found a truly transparent filter optically speaking, so it becomes a matter of taste and need and acceptability of any shortcomings such a filter may impose.
Certainly, some filters seem to be better than others and some seem better manufactured than others. The only problem with recommendations is what one person may find useful or desirable may not be to another person's expectations.  
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