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Random loss of. video feed on Smart Controller and Mavic Pro 2
505 3 2019-7-8
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Brand new owner of DJI Mavic Pro2 and Smart Controller. The issue i'm having seems to be a common one, but don't see any response in Forum on the issue. So I figured that an official Support ticket would proably get some attention

the thread.

Just got my Mavic 2 Pro and Smart Controller on 4 July 19 . Yesterday, I had the same thing happen that everyone else in this thread did. Grey screen, video and image capture no issues. It took 3 or 4 reboots of both drone and controller to clear.  It happened about 50% of the times I'd start it up from power off. Have reset everything, calibrated everything. still happening

App version:  4.3.216
Aircraft Version:  01.00.0400
Controller Version:  01.00.0530

This seems to have been going on for quite some time with no fix, or no official word from DJI as to if there's even a problem (not likely that this many people experiencing the exact same symptoms all being hardware issues with the controller).  Any ETA on a fix?  

any ETA on acknowledgement that there is an issue, and it's being actively worked on?


Jim Collum

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Hi I am not sure about the smart controller but with the standard controller it is always good to have matching firmware between RC & AC maybe someone with smart RC can help
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Welcome to the forum.
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Wow this thread is from 2019? My smart controller just went all distorted on me mid flight at a shall we say unoppurtune moment of it would have been distorted a little worse I’d be hunting down my mavic. Little nervous not aswell it’s not automatically setting the home point. Even trying to set it manually it takes a couple tries. All the firmware is up date. Any idea in a fix?
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