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After some technical specs for the XT2 and Z30 cameras
586 0 2019-7-10
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First off, want to verify these are correct as I found them on another forum post:

XT2 Visual

Sensor width (mm) = 7.4mm
Sensor Height (mm) = 5.55mm
Pixel size/Pitch (um/mm) = 1.85um / 0.00185mm
Focal length (mm) = 8mm
Principle point x (mm) = 7.4mm/2 = 3.7mm
Principle point y (mm) = 5.55mm/2 = 2.7525mm

XT2 Thermal

Sensor width (mm) = 640*17um * 10^(-6)m/um = 10.88mm
Sensor Height (mm) = 512*17um * 10^(-6)m/um = 8.704mm
Pixel size/Pitch (um/mm) = 17um / 0.017mm
Focal length (mm) = 13mm
Principle point x (mm) = halfway in between the sensor 10.88mm/2= 5.44mm
Principle point y (mm) = halfway in between the sensor 8.704mm/2= 4.352mm

I am after the same sort of information for the Z30 camera. I believe this may be correct, but again I would like it verified. Also, I am really not sure how to calculate Pixel Size/Pitch. On this XT/XT2 comparison guide it shows under 1/1.7" CMOS,Effective Pixels: 12 M visual camera sensor but how that relates to pixel size, no idea.It gives a specific pixel pitch valye of 17 micrometres for the thermal. The Z30 manual gives CMOS 1/2.8" Effective Pixels 2.13M - but again, not sure how to translate that into pixel size.

Sensor Width - 3.42
Sensor Height - 4.59
Pixel Size/Pitch -
Focal Length 4.3mm - 129mm depending on zoom
Principle point x (mm) = halfway in between the sensor 3.42mm/2= 1.71mm
Principle point y (mm) = halfway in between the sensor 4.59mm/2= 2.295mm

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