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Hello all,

I'm reaching out to the other pilots in this community for some advice. I recently had a flight that resulted in a flyaway. I had zero errors on the DJI Go app during my flight, the battery was at 87% and I had line of sight when it happened. (Distance was 1377 feet.) While I was flying all of the sudden I had a controller disconnect so after waiting a few seconds to see if it would re-establish a connection I decided to hit the return to home button on the controller. The beeping started but the drone never returned back to my launching location, in fact, it traveled away from me and I lost all LOS on it. I then spent the next 20 minutes trying everything I could think of but the drone didn't come anywhere near. I have searched the last known location for about 7 hours so far with my second drone but I have had no luck at all. Seeing that I was on a nearly full battery at an altitude of 398 feet this drone could have traveled for a great distance.

Here is my issue with DJI. After sharing the flight log with them and explaining that it was 100% a DJI issue and not pilot error they are refusing to help. I've been offered a 30% discount on the P4P which they are not even selling anymore which means I'm being offered nothing in return for what is clearly an issue on their end. The drone is almost brand new and under warranty.

Is there anything I can do to get this aircraft replaced? I currently own three DJI drones for my business and I was considering buying an Inspire 2 but honestly who would want to take a $9,000 risk that their bird will just decide to leave on its own? There has to be a protection for something like this. Here is my last conversation with the support rep. I have no bad feelings towards her as she is just doing her job but I am beyond disappointed with DJI.


Thanks for getting back to us.

We are sorry for the frustrating experience you have had with our product. Please kindly check the result of data analysis as below:

1. The aircraft worked under GPS mode in the flight.
2. The pilot pushed pitch stick forward, the aircraft flew forward, the flight record ended at T=03:10, H=118.7 m, D=402.5 m;
3. Home Point: 32.9932696 -117.1047271 and the last point: 32.9936461 -117.1090195.

We also want to figure out the cause of the incident, however, it was not recorded. As you can see the flight record ended at flight time T=03:10, there was no more flight record after that. We want to remind you that the remote connection of the aircraft can be interfered by outside sources and invisible interference. It doesn't mean any product malfunction. Moreover, the interruption of the flight record didn't indicate that the remote signal was lost as well, as there were many possible reasons which would lead to the interrupted record. Since the flight record ended and what happened afterward was not recorded, it was unable to verify whether the aircraft returned home or not.

Due to the interruption of the record, the cause for this incident was not recorded, but it was verified from the record that there was no malfunction found before the record was cut off. The aircraft was under your control and responded well, it worked normally before flight record ended. The aircraft showed no signs of a manufacturing defect or malfunction during the whole flight. For your case, it's unable to locate the main reason according to the flight records you provided, we cannot explain the detail of the incident or rule out any possible speculation. As such, we provide the 30% discount for this case.

And we do understand that it's difficult to accept the result and solution. If we could help you get a higher discount, there is no reason why I don’t do that for you. Sorry that the 30% off offer is already the best discount we can offer based on the analysis result while obeying the warranty policy. We are unable to offer you the replacement service.

We greatly appreciate your support for DJI. Please consider if you need the offer and get back to us if there is any other question.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Have a nice day.

Any advice is appreciated.

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DJI Mindy
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Hello there, we sincerely apologize for your loss and that the accident reason cannot be figured out. We would like to know the reason as much as you do, but the flight records ended and nowhere to locate what happened. The team has explained in the email what may cause the interruption.
We understand your frustration, your case will be escalated to the higher-level team to see if there is any better resolution can be provided, we will have someone to contact you soon, please wait patiently, thank you.
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