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Loyal DJI Customer a bit upset
1736 1 2019-7-16
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Hong Kong

Re: CAS-3221052-C3P6Q0

Having recently lost my Mavic Air while standing about 30m away from it. I went out and bought another drone (this time a Mavic Zoom). Seeing my old Air stuff sitting around however, makes me miss and appreciate the size and increased portability of the Air (not that I'm saying I don't love my new zoom, because I think it's an absolutely brilliant bit of kit). DJI initially ruled that the drone was lost due to "pilot error", and I never argued as at the time I thought "they are the experts, I think DJI looks after their customers." They offered me a 15% discount on a new Air (Aircraft+body only), which is a bit of a joke as regular sales in my area paired with Credit Card discounts would easily make a brand new Air + Remote cheaper.

I never argued with Customer Support about their conclusion of "pilot error", as it felt a bit like arguing with a rock (and it takes about 3 days for them to get an answer back to me)
Apparently the GPS didn't lock despite me flying in the same area moments prior. Vision isn't as it is advertised and didn't provide position guidance despite it being a bright afternoon, and ATTI drifts enough to hit objects despite nil-wind situations, and then enough to ignore pilot commands and smash into something anyways.

Regardless, I asked if they could offer me a better discount on a new Air (Aircraft only). Customer support got back to me a simple "no" as they didn't have any reason to.

I have spent a few pretty penny on drones this past year, and have convinced countless others to do the same in buying DJI drones. Why am I just being given the measly "shut up" discount of 15% (nevermind the fact that it's actually more expensive than buying a brand new drone?


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DJI Mindy
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Hi tc_terencec, we are so sorry for your loss of the Mavic Air, upon checking the case, the GPS signal was weak and the aircraft worked under OPTI mode when you took off, the aircraft turned to Atti mode at Flight Time 00:23. In Atti mode, the aircraft could not hover in place, brake and nor could it avoid obstacle automatically.
But your concern will be escalated to the higher-level team to see if there is any better resolution can be provided. We will have someone to contact you soon, please wait patiently, thank you.
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