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Mavic air went out of controll
419 1 7-18 04:18
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i have bought new mavic air yesterday. I have fully charged battery and controller and went for the first fly (i have never flew any drone). I had enable beginner mode. Then I took of, I was flying slowly and close to me. The drone was around 3 meters away from me and 3 meters high. Then the drone stopped and felt down. I could't save it, it wasn't responding. Luckily the drone felt to high grass, it was ok, but I was really scared.
I've tried it for the second time 30 minutes after this. It was same as the first time. Drone was respondig and I was close with it. Then the drone went crazy, it rised 20 meters high and started to fly away. The drone was flying fast  and then slowly started to going down ( still was flying fast forward) and then hit the ground.  I was really scared and frightened. I came to it and it was ok, I was really surprised. It's functional.
Did you have same problems? Can anybody help me what should I do? I was really excited about it and I was looking forward to flying the Mavic, but now I'm scared to fly again, I don't wan't to crash and destroy it. I'm thinking, that I'll return it till I can, but I don't wan't to.
Please help me. Should i reclaim it or what should I do?
Thank you so much,

PS: I didn't buy the drone in official DJI store, but in reseller in my country.
7-18 04:18
Use props
Flight distance : 74623 ft
United States

Troubleshooting steps: 1. Physical inspection - Are props and motor areas clean and undamaged? 2. Aircraft and Software up to date? 3. GPS - Do you have GPS lock (green/ good to fly)? 4. If connected to WiFi, Are you in a high interference area? 5. Are DJI Go 4 settings close to original? If motor gain settings are set in some odd way, the mavic might experience drift.
I would try Mavic in gesture/smart capture mode, to isolate physical issues first. With controller and phone off, turn on mavic. Wait for beeps, and gimbal adjustment, then tap rear button twice. Stand about 8 feet in front of mavic, and raise one palm from waist high, to head high. Does the mavic take off, and hold? If so, try bringing both palms together, and slowly drawing them apart, then together. To land, bring one palm slowly to the ground. Keep trying, sometimes it takes a couple tries. Does mavic move farther and closer? If this all works, then the issue is in controller/phone settings.

Good luck, and happy flying.

7-22 10:21
Use props
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