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Ronin-M going limp after a few minutes of use
305 0 2019-7-19
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United States

I have a Ronin-M that I've used for about two years now, and it has developed a going limp condition that is making it almost unuseable.

Problem: anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes of use, the Ronin-M will go limp and all the motors stop working. The battery is still showing full power and showing that it's on, but the Ronin is doing nothing. It will occasionally spin uncontrolably upon startup as well.

I have tried all four batteries I have, the problem persists no matter which battery is used. It also goes limp when it's used at a heavy angle.

I've changed batteries, have auto tuned stability on it using the app, chekced all my balances points and the camera is balanced showing "0" power on all three axis points when stationary.

Please help! I have a two big events this coming weekend and cannot afford for my Ronin to be down

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