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P4 Pro with DJI goggles disconnect and crash
460 1 2019-7-20
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Flight distance : 263245 ft

Our P4 Pro disconnected and crashed. It is destroyed - arms broken and camera ripped off. I was using the DJI goggles, climbed out to about 20m and was only about 30-40m away from it when the screen locked up and went black and white. The word 'disconnected' appeared on the screen. I pulled the goggles off and couldn't see the aircraft, so I connected the iPad to it again in the hope of reconnecting but to no avail. I couldn't hear the drone and feared that it was a fly-away, however after walking over to the area where it was hovering, it was there, on the ground , quite broken. It seems like it had fallen without power from its hovering height. The battery was a couple of meters away and still had 2-3 bars of power. I haven't downloaded any logs yet and am wondering what the next step is in attempting to determine what happened and perhaps get a replacement if something disconnected of its own accord. Thanks if you can offer advice.
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Hello and good day muellerAviation. I am sorry to know what happened to your friends DJI Phantom 4 Pro and thank you for reaching out. Since your DJI Phantom 4 Pro had a crash I would recommend you contact our DJI support team to start up a ticket for the said drone at . We have the professional team who would do their best to fix and find out the reason of the incident and then the corresponding resolution would be provided. Thank for your support.
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