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Smart controller with M2P & M2Z
446 2 2019-7-21
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United States

I thought that the smart controller would save the connection properties of both drones so that I wouldn’t have to go thru the linking process when I change drones. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I am dual linked to a regular controller (not powered up at the same time in this case)?

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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. We're sorry that the Smart controller would only recognize one drone once it has been linked and it would automatically connect when powering on these two units. Connecting the Smart controller to the other drone would replace the first drone that was linked before and it would automatically recognize the last and recent drone that has been connected. Thank you for understanding.
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I had the SC with M2P and my M2PZ, the change aircraft function often lost one of the drones, so when I wanted to change aircraft quickly I would have to reconnect it via the button on the drone. I.e a new connection. Seems that a simple switch of aircraft was not as simple as it should be. A bug in the firmware I think.
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