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Suggestions for mounting payloads
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Hi guys,
I'm trying to do a research project using Matrice 600 Pro. The idea is to use it to carry a sensor within a box. I'm using Solidworks to draw a sketch for the machine shop to build the box. My problem is after mounting the Zenmuse X3 camera, seems like there will be not enough space for the box. I'm wondering

1. Is it possible to not use the mount kit in the link for Zenmuse X3? My camera is still on its way. I'm not sure if I need to buy an extra mount kit or I can directly use the reserved mount space under the drone.  

2. Is it possible to mount the box not on the drone's weight center but has a bias? Or do you have any suggestions if I want the box to be on the top of the drone instead of the bottom?

I will appreciate any suggestions from you.

7-22 15:48
Use props
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