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Ronin S Wobbly Footage ( EMERGENCY )
271 0 2019-7-24
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Flight distance : 18973 ft

Hello, I’m having a problem with my Ronin s in upright position or underslung position.

When gliding in normal position, I can get very nice footages, but when in underslung mode all my footages become shaky or wobbly.

I also notice that the pan motor and roll motor becomes weak when I turn in underslung mode even if the stiffness is adjusted to higher number. It seems that when I slightly touch it, it will cause some wave effect or wobbly effect and I can easily push the pan motor in small certain degree compare to a normal position which is so stiff even at low settings.

Is there any settings that i can access the pan and roll in low mode? I’m very nervous right now since its new and I don’t have any extra gimbal and I’m having an event shoot this coming Sunday.

I’ve been a Ronin user since 2017, I started with Ronin MX and i didn’t have any problem with that gimbal, I’ve been getting a lot of a good shot, and I switched to Ronin S so that I can carry it easily in wedding events.

Ronin S is updated and calibrated and tuned well in normal position and the wobbly footage is just my concern.

My camera is a7iii but did a test with different cam, a6300 and a7ii and still have the same wobbly footage also it does get worse on 35mm and Up lenses.
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