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P4 controller
487 1 2019-7-24
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Flight distance : 244226 ft

I have sent a friends P4 for repair (CAS-3227737-Y2T5N7 CRM:0001007604206). His drone has never (from flight logs analysis) flown any further from home than 200m radialy. So he cracked the ...s and 'gave it all to me in disgust'. He never had a good experience with any flight and lost communication on each and every flight hence throwing the thing my way with a'good luck with this piece of...'

I sent detailed paperwork explaining the drone is perfect. The controller is the only thing broken and only this needs repair.  I received a quote for $750. I rang support, spoke to Teresa 17th July, explained my needs and the detailed support paperwork sent with the drone and explained my investigations showed the controller main board was faulty. She advised a requote would be sent.
As of today 25th July I have only received a 'hurry up' to accept the original quoted repairs!!!

WTF..........I have linked a friends contoller and the P4 flies perfectly (I flew over 480m radial direction and the software showed still 'perfect' comms level, yeah, problem solved). How can the service department quote me for stuff I known is not needed. All I want is the controller to be taken apart. The Melbourne based repair centre has decided to totally ignore my paperwork and effectively treat me as a idiot who knows nothing about electronics. It was your staff who told me to send the P4 and controller. I accepted this logic as you would probably need to reconnect to the P4 once repairs to the controller were done. Now I suspect you many have taken the P4 apart?

I swapped out the small Con board on my controller into the borrowed controller and it still worked perfectly as I did too with the main flat cable to the main board. Thus I deduced the main controller board faulty. All other swithgear features on my contoller worked perfectly despite the repair quote saying otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say I am now very concerned that the investment with DJI is in jeopardy leaves me with a very very bad taste.

A couple of weeks earlier I lost my own Mavic Air down a mountain side and asked for a replacement quote for the drone only. This seems to have been forgotten completely......really DJI!

To say the least the storm clouds are gathering and now I am seriously considering walking away from spending anymore hard earned money with DJI.

Can the DJI company please look at my case and please give me back what I have asked for. At 62 years of age I have considerable experience and don't need young inexperienced staff ignoring my detailed specific requests.

Regards Geoff. 0458 101956.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi Geoffedwards56, you have our sincere apologies for the unpleasant experience with our customer service. Upon checking the case, the aircraft and battery have physical damages, it is recommended to repair/replace them for the safety concern.
Since you requested to the RC only, we will transfer to the appropriate team to see if it is possible, we will have someone to contact you soon.
We also managed to get your case number about the Mavic Air, sorry that the quotation still hasn't been sent to you. The team will check it as well, hope all these cases will be sorted out soon.
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