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Scammed by DJI?
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Hi fellow drone lovers,

I recently got into a weird situation with DJI support, and I was curious if someone has the same experience.

-In May 2019 I wanted to buy a drone directly from DJI because I lost my drone in the Amazon rainforest. They promised me a deal with discount, and I was only paying for the drone and propellors, because I already had the other needed parafernalia at home.

-After some emailing back and forth they provided me with a deal and it was like: Transfer money to this account.

-I thought it was a bit sketchy, because there was no confirmation, nothing. I wanted more information because at this point they didn't even had the address it had to be shipped to. And I wanted to know if the drone was shipped from China or from the distribution centre in Ireland.

-After calling the centre in Amsterdam they convinced me the drone will be shipped within a day from the centre in Ireland. I transfered the money on the 18th of july.

-Did NOT get a confirmation, or even an email that they did get my payment.

-After a week I get suspicious, and begin emailing again with DJI Support. They check the case, see the approved payment and then begin asking for my address.

-They gave me a tracking number from UPS, which I checked and did not exist!??

-11 days later, and I still did not get the drone.

I feel very dumb to have trusted DJI. In retrospect, I should've picked up on this:

  • They were not planning on shipping the drone, because they did not have any intention to ask for my address. After a week I came forward with it, it was not because of them asking. What a mess!!
  • The email conversation was responded to by someone else every time. And they did NOT read up on the case.
  • The people had fake names. Like Dora, Antonette, Lilee, this kind of really fake names. Like I care if there is a chinese name. Just be real! Lying is not the way to connect with the customer.

Did anyone else had the same experience? And how did you resolve it?

Hope someone can shed a light on this.

7-29 03:29
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Hi, On behalf of DJI I extend my sincere apologies for the issues that you have experienced with us. We already forwarded this issue to the Designated Team for them to respond to your issue via email or phone as soon as possible. Rest assured that this will be sorted out sooner and with ease. Appreciate your support and understanding.
7-29 13:15
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