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Pilot App enhancements
619 0 2015-6-8
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Second Officer

United States

I'd like to see the pilot app have some enhancements.  Namely,  preflight menu.  I'd like that to be customizable if possible where I can add information.  But if not, I'd like to have a menu dedicated to these things.   If anyone wants to add, feel free.

1. travel mode button
2. RTH failsafe entry
3. compass calibration
4. Compass sensor readings

I'll update this as time goes on.   These are the things I'd like to see on one menu and a selectable tab on the left of the flight menu location.  This way, I can work from one menu and go down the list.   Have to do a compass calibaration and see the sensor readings right after would be a real nice menu set.  

All these things are what I typically do right at first flight.

I'd also like to point out that the RTH menu is in the line of sight.  Please give it the ability to be moved or minimized like the histogram screen.  Just being able to move it out of line of sight would be nice.   
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