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TB47S Battery 111 Cycles on 50% Total Charge Capacity
621 1 2019-7-31
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Hello Our company Manages a fleet of 6 M600Pro each of them with two battery sets (12 TB47S per unit), We are really concern about the very low perfomance of the batteries showed from the begining, nowadays the batteries has been used more or less for a 110 cycles and the flight time is near 15 minutes, total charge capacity is around 2600mAh from 4500mAh nominal capacity, and the mayor observation on this batteries is that the capacity is not determined by mAh measure during charge as should be, instead of thar is determined by the charging cycles making the batteries underperformance real capacity.
isn't that practice called scheduled obsolescence? and if DJI promises 300 cycles, How will  this batteries perform on 100 cycles more? Drone starts motors fly a minute and then land? is this a firmware bug or error?
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Matthew Dobrski
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Any battery lifespan is determined by many factors. Storage maintenance is the most important, humid and hot climate may be a deciding deteriorating factor. In dry climates far North TB47 will start showing some fatigue around 100-150 cycles, assuming proper maintenance. Few only frequent users reported still healthy batteries with more than 200 cycles.
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