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Size of zenmuse x3 lens
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I don´t know very much about lens and cameras, so maybe my ask is very simple but I don´t know how to make it.

I have a zenmuse x3 for an inspire 1, but I broke the lens, not the cover lens, the lens itself. I try to replace it with a GoPro 4hero lens (just for know if that can work), the wide of the lens fit, but the length is different, so it works but the image was blurry. So I want to buy a replacement lens than fit with the original one but I can´t find the specification of the zenmuse x3 lens in order to find an alternative.

I already check the specs on the manual but that info is not enough.

Can anyone help me with the specs of the lens or knows if a lens of other action camera is the same in order to find a replacement?

8-4 09:33
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