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My crash story
927 2 2019-8-6
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United States

So I crashed my Mavic 2 Zoom. I could really kick myself, but it all happened so fast. Sharing this so others don't make the same mistake or take proper precaution. I was in VA Beach this weekend and flew my drone from my 4th floor hotel room balcony. All was hunky dory until I got a low battery warning and it was time to fly home. Drone was far out over the ocean, but there was enough battery to return. By the time it got close to me, it was at 13%, but due to the obstacle sensors I could not get it close enough for me to hand catch. I tried a few different ways but the sensors wouldn't let the drone come over the railing. Battery was dropping fast and was now at 6% and I must admit I got a little panicky. I could have landed it on the ground somewhere and run down to retrieve it, but instead I tried to turn the sensors off. Instead of turning them off, however, I switched off the GPS in my panic and of course you know what happened next. Drone started drifting. I tried to control it but it was already too close to the wall and props hit. Drone took a nose dive, but in my luck it hit another balcony two floors beneath me and remained there. The battery got dislodged however when it hit the other balcony and crashed on the ground. Luckily, nobody was underneath. I was able to get the drone from the other hotel room's balcony but an arm and gimbal are broken aside from scuff marks all around. The battery is totalled. It could have been a lot worse if the drone had hit the ground so I must say that I got very lucky that nothing and no one was hurt except the drone itself. I will send it in to repair and see how much it will cost.

Lesson learned! It's often harder to land than it is to take off.  Obstacle sensors can be a god sent but they also can get in the way! Turn them on or off (depending on your situation) before taking flight.
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DJI Tony


Hi, we're sorry to know about the mishap that happened to your drone. We would recommend flying the drone in an open area without interferences and enough GPS signal to prevent the incident. If you wish to send the unit into our facility for repair, you may contact our support using the link below.
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Flight distance : 814751 ft
United Kingdom

There are so many 'balcony flights, that have been reported here as crashes, I wonder why anyone who needs to know why you shouldn't fly from them would read your post.
You obviously didn't.
It would be more interesting to know why you thought you could avoid disaster, when the hazards, other than the collision avoidance sensors being on are well known?
You can list them, can't you?
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