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P4 Signal & cellphone (midrange)
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Flight distance : 184626 ft


The weak signal problems between the radio and the Phantom 4 were ultimately related to the type of cellphone I identified, and I intend to buy a new low-cost phone to prevent my bird from crashing. In my country (Iran). Mobile phones have grown tremendously, and even in Apple models, you can't buy them. Please phantom 4 consumer friends are currently off the list listed by dji What models of (midrange) compatible p4 phones do they use?
Please indicate model and brand.

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8-7 07:26
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Flight distance : 184626 ft


Hello again
Does anyone really use other models except the phones introduced by ( !?
Of course it has to be responsive at high speeds in dji and testing and introducing a limited number of brands and models of compatible phones with sold birds is not rational! The effort to prevent consumer harm should be at the forefront of dji affairs.
Criticism is very constructive
And again with my Apple sx phone I still have a weak signal problem even at less than 20cm !!!

I flew in again with another seven-plus Apple phone and the signal was good and smooth throughout the flight.
Are any of the friends in the models mentioned below the signal experience?
Samsung models
Galaxy A7 2018-Galaxy A20 -Galaxy J8
Huawei models
Nova 3i --Y9 2019 - P30 Lite
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