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Some DSMs don't display a polygon in terrain-following
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Hey everyone,

We recently got a Phantom 4 RTK and I'm trying to figure out how the terrain following works. We rely on that pretty heavily so it's fairly important.

The first DSM I made seem to work perfectly fine. I made the .tif and .tfw for each site using GDAL, loaded it onto the controller, used it for terrain following, the drone followed the terrain... Everything went according to plan.

For some reason, the second DSM doesn't show a polygon when I go to the terrain following mode. If I add my waypoints, I can see the elevation profile, which suggests to me that's it working correctly. I'm flying this test site today. The elevation difference is fairly small, but I would definitely feel nervous about this if it wasn't. Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe both? I attached a .zip with the .tif and the .tfw for the DSM in question.


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8-9 07:55
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United States

Thunr, did everything work as planned? Do you know what the polygon signifies? We rely heavily on terrain following as well. Are you seeing an altitude issues? Flying higher or lower than the programmed offset?
11-6 09:39
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