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#Review Osmo Mobile Unboxing and Review
6222 5 2019-8-14
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That's my first ever unboxing video of the DJI Osmo Mobile. Since I cover a lot of events and travel extensively, I bought this device to create cinematic videos using my smartphone. It's been over 2 years since I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile and it still continues to be my favourite Dji product. I also own a DJI Osmo pocket and the Mavic Air.

Whenver I travel I make sure I am carrying the DJI Osmo with me creating motion-lapse videos on the go.

The DJI Osmo Mobile makes it easy to tell stories visually from your smartphone, with the stunning cinematography of much more expensive professional equipment. With the tagline of “share your story,” DJI is signaling their understanding of how we use smartphones in today’s video-heavy social media landscape.

The quality and the reliability of the DJI Osmo Mobile really impressed us. As soon as I took it out of the box to start our DJI Osmo Mobile review, I directly knew that it was going to be a good one. Indeed, you see that this is everything but a toy and that the quality of the product is real. It is both robust and light in order to keep a very good user experience. I will look into it more precisely later in our DJI Osmo Mobile review but the motors are certainly the most reliable you’ll find on the market. In fact, they really ensure a high quality functioning.

As far as the motors are concerned, the subject of my DJI Osmo Mobile review did not disappoint us. They are really strong and will perfectly fulfill their mission which is stabilizing your smartphone. And this, no matter its size or its weight…as long as it fits the expected dimensions, of course ! The supports which hold your phone are, one more time, very strong too. You have no worry to have in this regard. During our DJI Osmo Mobile review, I really pushed it hard and tried to see the limits of the support which holds your phone…it didn’t move at all.


Design and Features

The Osmo Mobile works with almost all the smartphone brands which are between 589 - 85mm wide. To give that context, the iPhone 6 Plus (and the iPhone 7 Plus) are 80mm wide, so most phones with screens up to 5.7in should fit fine.

Through the app you can use your camera to record video and photos.Without the app, you can’t use the Osmo’s buttons to start and stop video recording or take a photo, or use the trigger to keep the gimbal in a certain orientation. Without a phone the Mobile weighs 500g. It can get a bit weighty for long sessions, but there are various accessories available such as a base for table use and an extension pole.You’re not limited to using the Osmo upright. You can hold it horizontally like a torch, or even upside down for a low point of view.

It talks to your phone via Bluetooth, and can be charged from a USB port and also can be charged on the move from a USB power bank. The battery lasts up to 4.5 hours and you can buy spares too. One of the benefits of the pricier Osmo models is that you can remove the gimbal (and camera) and upgrade it in the future. In theory you shouldn’t need to do this with the Mobile version as you can use your new phone in it when you upgrade. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi either – just Bluetooth.

Using the app you can also shoot time-lapse video and panoramas. With the former, the gimbal will smoothly (and very slowly) move between two points, so it's best to mount it rather than holding it, and the latter automatically rotates the phone and takes nine photos and stitches them together for a wide, high-resolution photo.

It’s possible to use your phone in portrait mode and take photos, and a triple-press of the trigger button puts it into selfie mode, where the rear of the phone faces you – this is because the rear camera tends to take higher-quality photos.

You can also use the stabilisation to take long-exposure photos, although we didn’t get a chance to try that in our short time with the Mobile.

What we can say is that when we used it with an iPhone 7 at a wedding, it produced wonderfully smooth footage. We certainly didn’t see any problems due to the iPhone 7 having optical stabilisation of its own.

Plus, footage was considerably more stable and cinematic than when simply holding the phone in our hands and trying to be as smooth as possible. In our experience, optical stabilisation is no substitute for a proper gimbal.

Of course, there are other tricks which make the Osmo worth its price (and the hassle of using it compared to just whipping your phone out of your pocket and shooting). One of these is ActiveTrack, a feature Phantom 4 owners will be familiar with. You draw a rectangle around someone (or just their face) and the Osmo will follow them and attempt to keep them centred in the frame.

It works well, until you move (or they move) too fast. It’s great if you’re videoing someone making a speech, but less so when you’re trying to film kids darting around.

Another ‘trick’ is holding down the trigger to keep the gimbal in place. This is perfect for tracking shots and with a little practice really makes it look like your phone was on a dolly.
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Hong Kong

Nice review! Thanks for shaing!
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Hi, thanks for sharing this awesome review of yours. Should you have any inquiries or concern please don't hesitate to reach us. Thank you for your continued support!
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Great review
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Very nicely done
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Nice review!
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