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Stop pressing the top corner icons accidentally!
352 2 2019-8-14
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Ever pressed the top corners of your DJI Smart Controller screen in the middle of a flight?

Ever exited the DJO GO app back to the start screen accidentally and lost your camera view?

Ever entered the menu accidentally in the middle of a flight and obscured the camera view?

I'm a stick pincher rather than a thumber and often found the side of my thumbs were pressing the top corners of the DJI Smart Controller screen and causing the app to exit or bring up annoying menus.

I designed these to allow your thunbs to rest on something without touching the screen but still allows the corners of the screen to be pressed. I stuck mine on with double sided tape.

The designs are on thingiverse for free:

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Hi, thanks for sharing this brilliant idea of yours. Should you have any inquiries or concern please don't hesitate to reach us. Thank you for your continued support. Cheers!
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I've been having this exact minor irritation with the Smart Controller, and think this is a great solution to help prevent it. Thanks for the post!
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