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New user and need some help with the SC and Sony A7Rii
1197 1 2019-8-15
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On Friday I ordered the Ronin SC and it arrived yesterday. I got it so that I could use it to record video of my son skating and help him make some skate video's. I can't seem to figure the thing out though. My setup is a Sony A7Rii with the cheap Sony 50mm prime and I have a Samsung S10+.

The app seems extremely generic and I noticed there really is nothing in there. 2 of the main reasons I chose the SC (well outside of the gimbal itself) was for the Force Mobile and the 360 roll. I don't seem to have either option when I click on CREATE to use these. Also, no matter what I do, active track does not work at all. Once the subject moves, the gimbal just starts to move the camera up and to the right and it just keeps going until I put the Ronin to sleep mode.

I tried to use the Panorama feature last night just to see how it was and everything on that seemed to work great except it wouldn't take any photos. The camera would move, auto focus and then sit there a second before moving to the next position and auto focusing again. But it didn't take any photos.. One time I got it to take one photo out of the 5 it showed it needed.

Also it doesn't appear to be showing up on my profile like it does with my drones here for the Ronin SC - If a mod could help me out there, that would be awesome.

I looked through all of the booklets that it came with and I couldn't not find any real instructions on using the Ronin. Just the usual legal disclaimer stuff and one booklet that only shows you how to mount the plate and balance it. I was able to balance it just fine with no issues there.

Is there a digital instruction manual I can use that shows me how to access all of the features and use them? I tried searching without any luck. So far I am extremely disappointed in the Ronin-SC though. I hope my disappointment is just due to my own lack of knowledge and not because this thing actually is crap.

...or is my setup of using the A7Rii and a 50mm with an S10+ just not compatible?  It's an older camera I had laying around collecting dust that I figured would work perfect. I know my Fuji with 63mm lens would probably be too heavy or large so I haven't even bothered to try it.
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