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Mavic 2 UV filter - glass detached
95 1 8-15 21:58
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Steve R67
United Kingdom

So I was changing the UV filter (that came with the Mavic 2) to put on an ND filter. The glass popped out of the filter frame. I tried to glue it back in but in doing so made a bit of a mess of the glass (now unuseable), but I can't find a replacement filter on the DJI store. They do offer a replacement from their service centre (£9) but you can't buy one direct from the store. I guess as my Mavic is less than a year old it should be replaced under warranty but I need one fast. The only UV filters I can find on Amazon seem to come from China so that won't be fast either. Anyone else had this issue and found a decent replacment? I don't want to buy a whole set of filters (inc a UV) because I already have the very good Skyreat set of 3 ND & 3 PL filters. Thanks.
8-15 21:58
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello and good day Steve R67. I am sorry to know what happened to your DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Since this issue happened on your drone. I would recommend you contact our DJI support team to start up a ticket for the said drone at . We have the professional team who would do their best to fix the said damaged drone. In addition DJI we do not recommend doing a DIY in fixing the said drone. To avoid further damaging the said unit and not to void the warranty of the said drone. Thank for your understanding and for your support.
8-16 08:04
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