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How to get camera picture on phone?
371 3 2019-8-16
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Dear sir(s),

In short:

1. Bought the Ronin SC
2. Figured out camera was not compatable with Ronin (800D)
3. Bought new camera (M50)
4. Figured out Samsung S10 is not compatable either

Main thing I'm struggling with at this very moment is how to get my camera's picture on my phone, without having to mount it on top of the camera and simply using the phone's camera itself. My thought was to use the camera's app on my phone, which allows you to actually see the image live, however, the M50 does not allow the use of this function as long as a usb cable is plugged in, which is needed for the remote controles.

Does, for example, the iPhone X copy the image through the DJI app (as it is compatable according to your list)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advanced,

DJI Ronin SC newby Erik
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if you have the canon camera connect app open on the phone can you not trigger focus and record from there and not plug the m50 into the SC?
also do you have the SC pro combo you can use the focus motor to control focus and then you can use the record button on the phone with the camera unplugged from the SC.

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Nikon's Snapebridge app sends a 2mb rendition of every photo taken to the app... thats cool.   I'm not sure what Canon offers via app.

You could just download the images to Dropbox or other cloud service and do it that way...
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There are multiple Android apps that will allow you to mirror your camera's image on your phone. However you won't be able to run any of those apps on your phone at the same time you're running the DJI app. Hopefully that's not what you are wanting.
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