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Using Osmo Pocket and Osmo Mobile 3 at the same time
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Somebody had to try it...

I've been playing with the Osmo Mobile 3 with an iPhone 6 mounted, and wondered how the Mimo app would handle using an Osmo Pocket with wireless module at the same time.  Why?  Well, because it's there.  And, just possibly, I could imagine having the Pocket perhaps tripod-mounted giving general coverage to some scene, perhaps a performance, while using the Mobile 3 hand-held and moving about.  

The trick seems to be (at least on the iPhone) turning the wifi on and off to switch between the two devices.  Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen which gives you the interface with a wifi toggle switch.  When it's off, the Mimo app can control the iPhone's video recording.  When it's on, the Mimo app can control the Pocket.  So the general scheme would be that you would connect to the Pocket first, use Mimo to get it pointing in the right direction (and maybe even following something of interest) and then hit the Mimo record button.  Then disconnect wifi as described, and use Mimo to control the recording on the iPhone on the Mobile 3.  The Pocket will carry on recording in its disconnected state.

I hope that thought might be useful to someone.  Maybe just one person...!
8-16 17:18
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