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Download logs from Mavic 2 Pro & SmartController
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Long story short...I had a problem with a replacement drone sent to me by DJI under Care Refresh in May and when powered up it came up with a barometer error.

I powered it down and turned it on again and all was well until 3 minutes or so into its first flight @ 150 feet high when it suddenly alerted me of maximum altitude reached!

The aircraft was descending even with full up stick but I managed to bring it to land where the controller continued to display maximum altitude when hovering a few feet away at head height and evenfor a second or two after it had landed on the ground.

I reported the issue to DJI who advised me to refresh the firmware but to be honest I had lost all confidence in the replacement which was not in the same pristine condition as my 3 month old drone which I had flown over 250 miles since I purchased it in January.

Today I decided I really should do something with it so decided to charge all four batteries.

I would have expected them to automatically self-discharge to 30% but when I pressed the buttons they were all blinking 3 out of 4 LED segments and the SmartController was showing all four LEDS?

Anyway before I reflash the firmware I would like to know how to get all of the logs off of the aircraft and SmartController in case the refresh deletes the logs.

Can someone advise or point to a resource/idiots guide please to download the logs please as the one I tried to follow in the past seemed to be specific to the Phantom series and mobile device not the Mavic 2 Pro and SmartController.

Thanks & kind regards,

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Second Officer
Flight distance : 1328238 ft
United Kingdom

In the absence of a reply here is the official answer from DJI on how to download the logs from a Smart Controller;

How to Export Data from Smart Remote Controller

This document will guide you to export the DJI Record (Cached video) or Flight Record files on your Smart Remote Controller. For this, we need
1) A PC or laptop with a USB Type-A port;
2) A USB Type-C cable;
3) Your Smart Remote Controller.
Note: Please make sure your remote has 50%+ battery life, just in case the files are too large and may take a while for the exporting.

To get started, please

1. Power on your Smart Remote Controller;

2. Connect the remote controller to your computer with a USB Type-C cable via this port from the remote controller:

3. After the remote controller is detected by your computer, you could see the following prompt on your remote controller screen, please select “Transfer files”.

4. Find “Device with Removable Storage” on your PC, tap “RM500”.

5. For the DJI Record (Cached video), please go to the internal storage of your remote controller’s path “Computer\rm500\Internal shared storage\DJI\dji.go.v4\DJI_RECORD”, and you should see the DJI Record file, for example:

6. For the Flight Record, please go to the internal storage of your remote controller’s path “Computer\ rm500\Internal shared storage\DJI\dji.go.v4\FlightRecord”, and you should see the DJI flight record file.

The pictures didn't make the cut & paste from email but hopefully the text might help others looking for the answer

Hope that helps?

All I need to do now is find out how to download the logs from the M2P itself!

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