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USING PH. 3 DRONE AS PROP_ Turning off Auto Hover
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Hi I am shooting a TVC using  a Phantom3 as a Special FX Prop.   The drone has to look like it is flying indoors  and delivering a glass of wine to a woman sitting on a couch.
We have rigged the drone to a remote head on a crane to simulate the movement of flying as well as satisfying the saftey retrictions required by our insurance company.

Problem is when we turn the drone on so we can see the propellers spinning it tries to go in to auto hover and rise to 1.2 m.  We have been able to fool the Drone by raising the crane to that height so it thinks it has flown to corrrect height.  However, any deviation from that height engages the auto hover as if wants to hover in a stationary position.  The strain on the  drone as it fights agaist the crane holding it forces it to shut down. ( as it should)

Is there a way to disable all the auto pilot functions so that the drone can just cosnstatly spin its propellers at a low rpm without an operator having to adjust?

thanks for your help on this.

See picture attached which show the rig we have attached to the crane.

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Use props
Miro Perez
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You could try just starting the props by putting them in the bottom inwards corners of the controller and then use atti mode.
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Use props
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