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A3 NO communication to Lightbridge 2 HELP
412 0 2019-8-18
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Hi I have a custom build with a new

I made a troubleshooting list of the problems Im facing with the Lightbridge and A3

1. PROBLEM: I can not get the lightbridge 2 to send data comunication to the A3 FC,  

2. The LB2 has power trough the hack gimbal cable 10 volts, (because the Dbus to RF cable does not supply power to the A3) I am not using a DJI Zenmuse Gimbal

3. The Dbus to RF cable has only 3 wires at the end of the small white conector that connects to the LB2 ( I have tried 2 brand new cables)

4. The LB2 is correctly link to the ground controler, 2 green lights on the Air unit, (I see video from the FPV camera on the GO App)

5. LB2 is connected to the A3 with the DBus to RF cable that came with the kit

6. I don't see any of the aircraft parameters on the GoApp ,No Battery info, no aircraft, no A3 serial numbers in the About tab ,(I see only the LB2 related parameters)

7. The Ground unit is linked to the Air Unit as a Master

8. In the DJI assistant, when connected to the A3, I can see all parameters of the A3 exept any parameter of the LB2

9. All firmware updates are updated in the LB2 and on the A3

10. I tired to down grade the firmware of the A3 no luck, so I upgraded it again to the latest firmware same no

11. After doing a stick calibration on the grownd unit so the constant alarm stops ,New discovery the right stick on the grownd unit has a what it sims a mechanical issue with the foward movment its stuck, rough to move.

Please Please any sugestions

Use props
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