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Faulty DJI Spark
165 2 8-23 09:32
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nf films
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United States

Last December, the battery fell out of my spark and into the ocean. Suprisingly, DJI replaced my unit. The only issue is, they seemed to have replaced it with a faulty unit. Firstly, it never flys straight. Going forward and backward looks like a diagonal, even without any wind. Secondly, it doesn't seem to hover nearly as well, even when I fly in the exact same places  as I did with the older one. Third, the range seems incrediably poor, with the older one, I could go 2000 feet away no problem, now, any more than 600 feet gives me return to home, even in the alps, flying line of sight without any radio interference. Most noticiably, is sometimes it won't give me any image transmission signal before taking off. Even when I turn it on then off, it still gives me the same error messages. Also, it will sometimes stop recording video automatically, and won't let me restart recording. I have to turn off then on the drone again to be able to record a few more seconds of video before it turns off again.

Anyone have any suggestions? I put in a support ticket almost a week ago and haven't heard anything back.

Error messages

Error messages
8-23 09:32
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DJI Diana
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Hi, I am sorry to know what happened to your previous flight with your DJI Spark. Would it be possible to PM us your case number or email address you used in creating a case? We've tried to look for your case number using your email address associated with Forum Account but it seems that we can't find any information. Looking forward to your response and thank you in advance.
8-23 12:10
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Second Officer
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Guess they just sent you one of the first released sparks. Mine did this kind of stuff from the get-go.
8-25 08:49
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