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landing gear servo stalling on M600
216 1 8-26 13:08
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United States

The right landing gear servo is stalling when the landing gear is retracted on our M600. Sometimes this stall is overcome and the landing gear reaches full retraction, while other times it stalls long enough that the landing gear reverses and returns to the landing position. When raised on a platform, the indicator light goes red for a second or so while the servo stalls during leg retraction. I also hear that servo continue to try to work after the leg has reach the full down position, as though it is miscalibrated. I have re-calibrated the landing gear servos a few times, which indicate a green light after calibration. All of the hardware appears to be in good condition, although I dont know about the servo splines (I havent removed it to check).

DJI says they wont sell me a replacement part, and they dont seem to be available to purchase anywhere anymore. They told me I have to ship it in to repair it, which is going to take forever, and is simply not an option for me.

Has anyone had this issue? If so how did you resolve it.

The servo looks the same as the one for the S1000, and I have seen a few of those for sale. Anyone know if they can be swapped?

The aircraft is only 2 months old.. pretty bummed that this part failed. Fortunately it has only failed in the down position... not sure what I would do if it failed in the retracted position.

8-26 13:08
Use props
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United States

Have you checked to make sure all of the screws are there in the landing gear?  If any one of them has backed out, or is missing, it will not retract properly.  Happens to us all of the time.
8-28 08:31
Use props
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