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Inspire 1 altitude, landing gear & transmission problem
368 2 9-1 09:07
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Flight distance : 119685 ft
United Kingdom

Hi All, looking for advice and if anyone ever faced this before. I have a few DJI products, experienced and qualified commercial pilot. Trying to diagnose what caused some strange behaviour on my inspire 1 today.

I flew for a few mins and kept getting a transmission signal weak message, followed by transmission failure. It came back and I regained control. Due to the risk of losing it again I decided it would be better to take it down in order to be safe. I brought the aircraft back toward me and lowered slowly to initiate landing gear but it didn't. Instead the aircraft decended rapidly at 2 meters, it just kept decending without me pushing down on the sticks and then it landed while initiating the landing gear on the main fusalage... the props eventually stopped after it tipped over backwards and hit the dirt - fortunately there is no damage at all to the aircraft (phew).

Upon reviewing the log, it looks like the altitude is way off and yet I just did IMU calibration, firmware etc etc before the flight. I was in an open field in the middle of no-where.

TBH I have never seen anything like that before, happy it was only 2 meters from the ground (and not 50). Reluctant to fly it again until I can solve so all ideas welcome! Sent a ticket to DJI but also looking for any insight from others who have had weird things happen to an I1.

Inspire1 altitude problem.jpg

9-1 09:07
Use props
Mark Guille
Flight distance : 2031818 ft

Hi Simon,

Could you upload your flight data to Airdata then post a link here.

Mark G.
9-4 10:40
Use props


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9-24 10:08
Use props
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