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Wireless module osmo pocket on android no bluetooth stuttering picture
579 0 2019-9-1
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Flight distance : 517198 ft

Just purchased the expansion kit with the wireless module being sure it supports Bluetooth connection.
While connecting the osmo pocket it only finds the WIFI 2.4GHZ connection to my samsung note9 android device. I tried to go into the osmo setup in order to try to choose Bluetooth but there is not such option. Very disappointing to put €109 for a kit and it doesn't have bluetooth connection.
When connected through WIFI (because there is no other choice ) the picture on the phone stutters every second or so when moving for instance along the pan-ax. This is very anoying. When watching the recorded file you don't see the stuttering.

Transfering a file goes super slow at a speed of 3BM a second this is at a ¼ speed of the direct connection which is already slow.

What can I do to make the bluetooth work and make it work faster?
Use props
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