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Repost of Battery from ~30% to 3%
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Took my Mavic Pro out this morning with DJI Goggles. My battery level was showing ~30% when the drone suddenly dropped to 3% battery, initiated auto land, then suddenly dropped straight down from about 50 ft up. Needless to say the gimbal and props were destroyed and an arm broke. I never received a single low battery warning. My phone was attached to the remote and I think I saw a message about the battery being in discharge mode? I just took this battery off the charger before flying and it showed a full charge.

Has anyone else had this issue?

(DJI Stephen need not reply, he rarely offers any pertinent advice whatsoever...)

9-1 11:04
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United States

im guessing that battery was sitting around for a while between uses and was in self discharge mode to preserve the battery long term.   on rare occasions it misreports actual battery power, this was more common issue while ago like a couple years and still happens on occasions.  

you should always plug your battery in before flying if battery been sitting around a while, and let it recharge, additionally you should also have your battery voltage display on your main display next to the battery icon and percentage because that's best way to tell if battery is getting weaker and knowing what voltages your drone likes, usually 3.20V/cell is critically low power and forced landing on mavic pro (but you can over ride it pushing up).     

and one last side note, even at an alleged 3% battery you can push up and over ride the landing, forced landing, you have to keep pushign up.. that cannot override happens when voltage of batteries are below 3.00V/cell (no longer stable safe voltage for flight)

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Perhaps post the log and see if the battery showed any issues there.
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