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Broken Phantom Controller
1206 3 9-7 16:35
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Ben Bolivar
Flight distance : 14265 ft

Hello, like many other my Phantom 4 controller is broken. I have read extensively into this and I am trying to get an accurate account of the number of people Dji has stolen over a $1000 dollars from as well. Please respond below if you have had this same issue with an I. I want an accurate account of how many people are having this issue. Dji is stealing from  the people because they are aware of this default in the controllers and have done nothing to fix it. If you have paid for a Phantom and had this issue please comment an I.
9-7 16:35
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DJI have not stolen anything, stop being a big girl drama queen. Start a support ticket and send the controller to be fixed.
9-7 17:47
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi Ben Bolivar, sorry for the troubles with the RC, please contact our support team in working hours to start a ticket and send in the RC for the evaluation, we will provide the warranty service if it is evaluated as a product defect under warranty period.
9-7 18:50
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 3976047 ft

I’ve have 2 phantoms for 2 years and have not experienced a remote problem. If your talking about the charging issue that some remotes experienced I’m sure its not about DJI stealing anything, just a manufacturing issue. Lots of videos of how people have repaired the charging issue themselves if your so inclined or just do like Geebax suggested and send it in for a repair. I totally get being upset my friend but take a breath get it repaired and get back to flying. Good luck.
10-3 12:05
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