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Charging Ronins S while running / mounted on Steadymate
280 0 2019-9-9
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Dear DJI support,

I plan to recharge the Ronin S while it is running from a external USB power bank / V-Mount battery with 12V to USB adapter.
I need to do so, as I make use of the power outlets on the Ronin S in the desired way.
In detail I run the GH5 - and other peripherals like an HDMI transmitter and remote follow focus - from the two outputs that are located in the front.
In total I stay well below the allowed 24 W (12V 2A), yet the additional power need shortens the runtime of the gimbal to something around 3 hours.

I tried to recharge on the run with my Xiaomi 20.000 mah power bank from 2017 / 2018, but it seems not to make use of 12V fast charge mode.
So plugging it into the powerbank only prolongs usage time a bit, but does not recharge the Ronin S internal battery while its turned on.

Now I wonder if the 2019 version of this power bank will allow to do so:

It says it could deliver 45W via its bi-directional USB-C plug. From specs:

USB-C:5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V2A

Could you please ask your engineers if this will work out? And please come back with the answer soon,
as the 3 hour runtime is really a problem for professional usage.

Please understand that I refrain from buying a second handgrip, due to the recent firmware update strategy,
which puts a huge question mark onto the future-proof-sign on the Ronin-S.
Use props
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