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faster drone speed when using hyperlapse.
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how can i have a faster drone speed when using hyperlapse. i am taking photos of a field to stitch together for agricuture purposes.

9-11 10:15
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DJI Tony
Super Moderator


Hi, thanks for the inquiry. For the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom, hyper-lapse can be adjusted depending on the feature that you would be using. For further details, please see below. Thank you for your support.

The maximum speed can be set before recording. When the drone starts recording, push the control sticks to control the flight, but the speed will not exceed the maximum speed.
Circle and Waypoint:
You can change the speed before recording, and it cannot be changed after the drone starts recording, and pushing the control sticks, the Circle or Waypoint mode will be exited.
Course Lock:
You can change the speed before recording, and the drone can only make yaw movement after the drone starts recording. Only the direction of the aircraft's nose will be changed. Pushing the control sticks, the Course Lock mode will be exited.
9-11 11:05
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