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DJI Care Refresh Express Sent Me a Broken Drone
823 2 2019-9-13
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To keep a long story short,

Before my DJI Care Refresh Express expired, I decided to send in my drone to get several minor issues fixed.

I waited for two weeks and I received a refurbished unit. I showed up on-site to a video shoot and I discovered that the camera of the drone would sway left and right, smoothly, but uncontrollably and abnormally.

I decided to contact DJI and request for immediate, and expedited repairs and they assured me that they would send it via 2-day Air to get it back to me before the 18th of September.

Today, I received an email that said: "According to the analysis, no user-described abnormality was found after checking all of the available flight controller data and flight record."

Of course, they didn't find anything, I said it was a Camera/Gimbal related issue from the factory.

They then proceeded to charge me for repairs that I do not think will fix the issue.

I have proof the drone doesn't function properly, but when asked, they encouraged me not to send the video with the drone.

What should I do? I am tired of being treated like I am a liar. This is the worst customer experience that I have ever had.

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DJI Diana
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Hi, we're deeply saddened about your current experience with our Service and Customer Experience. We understand what you're currently feeling and we have already forwarded your case to our assigned department to be taken care of. We ask for your extended patience and we hope that this could be sorted in the soonest possible time.
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I too was treated like a liar.. i think its how this company functions.. treat their customers like they're lying sacks of crap
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