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Possibly a broken controller board but might be FW
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This GL300C came, a while ago, with a P3Adv, someone has made a horlicks of fitting range extending antennae and an HDMI unit (there was physical damage to main ribbon cable connector on the HDMI board).  The controller would not control the drone, I can't remember if it even linked. I had another controller lying about and used that but I have now got round to looking at this controller.

Basically it will not link with any drone and when switched on it just steadily beeps and the status LED flashes red.

There is no point in a DJI rep/mod suggesting a return, it's long out of warranty and I have no interest in a large repair bill, no offence meant.

I have spent two days on and off trying to downgrade the firmware and then update it.

It appears to have had 1.8.something on it and I seem to have been able to downgrade the firmware through 1.6.something to 1.5.something but there were no other firmware versions offered in the drop down menu.
I say ''seem to have been able to downgrade......'' because the each downgrade reported failing, as did the retries, yet, when I actually left the downgrade screen, the reported FW version was the downgraded one. During this process the I repeatedly unistalled and reinstalled the go-app from my phone because it seemed to carry a legacy of what it last reported etc.

Tonight I tried to upgrade and whist it is looking for I think 1.9.2 the phone/go-app will NOT download it.

In addition I have occasionally seen the attached messages but they come and go Screenshot_2019-09-18-00-16-18.png

The fact that they are not persistant makes me wonder if the 'faults' are real. I also had problems trying to calibrate the controller but that seems fixed now.

I am open to suggestions as to the problem and how to proceed.
It's as much the challenge of sorting this thing out, if possible, as anything.  If I can get it going it will be a spare controller

9-18 15:38
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