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Waypoints 2.0 Task Library Question
685 2 2019-9-19
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I have a question about the Mavic 2 Pro waypoint 2.0 task library.  Is the task library stored locally on the device you link to the the Mavic 2 Pro controller or is it stored in the "cloud"?  The reason for the question is that I would like to be able to remotely build waypoint 2.0 "missions" at home using the iPad (because of the bigger screen) but when I fly the Mavic 2 Pro I generally use my iPhone.  So, will the missions I build on the iPad be only stored on the IPad and hence not available on my iPhone or, when they are saved, are they stored in the cloud so that, when I use my iPhone, I can access the ones that I built previously on the iPad?

If they are only stored locally on the device, is there an easy way to transfer the task library from one device to another?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. The Task library will be stored in the application and I'm afraid that this can't be transferred to the other mobile device. However, we will check this query to our designated department if this process could possibly achieved. Thank you for your support.
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I have a follow-up question.
Since the TaskLib is stored with the App, if I'm using CrystalSky, I am assuming my TaskLibs will be stored on the CrystalSky device (SD card) ?
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