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Payload SDK
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I am in the possesion of the M210 V2. How do i communicate between the Drone_UART pins and the OSDK UART pins? The reason that I want to use the external connections is because; I want the data, from the PSDK development board, through the skyport, to the OSDK UART pins, so that I can connect and read the data with the Manifold 2 attached to the top of the drone. I already have the connection with the manifold to the OSDK where the manifold sends a string of data every second and listens if there is any data being recieved from the skyport. I received the dji_payload_sdk-master folder from DJI, but I don't know what to do on the PSDK side to send data to the manifold. I added two pictures of the two ports that I want to connect to clarify what I want to achieve.
  I really wish to know how to achieve this connection.

please do not come with This commercial link shows nothing but a schematic of the connection and a result. Not how to establish the connection.

image (1).png image.png

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