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Unlocking - both prior and onsite
427 1 2019-9-20
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Flight distance : 24993 ft

Recently I had a shoot where I was very close to a no fly zone.  I got the appropriate authorizations to fly there.  I went onto the self unlocking website by DJI, and had some trouble making sure I was selecting the right area, so I just went and selected the ones that I could.  After I got all of those unlocked, I could no longer find the unlock areas on my crystalsky remote.  I have an inspire 2 with normal remote and crystalsky screen.  That area of the menu totally disappeared.  I had to leave for the site, hoping that maybe when I get there it would let me either use the pre self unlocking I did or even a mobile unlock.  

Once I got to the site, the prior unlockings I did were still not accessible through the menus of the crystalsky.  That area of the options menu totally disappeared.  So I attempted to do mobile self unlocking.  First time, I setup wifi and internet and connected the crystalsky to the internet, and attempted to self unlock.  I never got past the login screen.  I typed my username and password and nothing happened.  I attempted the same thing on my iphone while connected to the remote, and it popped up a message saying "not authorized".  

What is the proper way to get areas unlocked, even if its a NFZ and I have approval?  How can I prevent this issue from happening again.


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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Jason. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. Kindly please send an email to for us to be able help you further assist and help you with regards to this matter. Thank you.
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