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Phantom 4 Pro V2 Battery (PH4HC) Cracks in Housing
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Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone else has a solution as I'd rather not waste a battery with 97% life left, but I'm also not flying a $2,000 drone with a questionable battery. This is the original battery that came with my P4P+ V2 manufactured on Apr 16th, 2018. This battery is 10 minutes shy of 12 hours of use (ground+air). I have 2 additional batteries that were manufactured a month later with more charges, more airtime, more flights and have reached a higher temp during flight. My 3rd and more heavily used battery flew 20 minutes, 3.4 miles (total) and landed with 35% remaining last month (I log and follow maintenance intervals via an Airdata subscription). The cracks on the original battery have developed in the last month, and it's the hottest time of year here in the Florida Panhandle.
I would appreciate any advice/suggestions for 'repairing' the cap with the cracks- it's unfortunate that you can't just purchase a replacement cap for this flimsy plastic. I've heard great things about Q-Bond but I'm concerned that it could mean an improperly seated battery, and I suspect the plastic is paper thin in that area for a reason.
Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? It's one thing to bond plastic on the front of the battery but something else entirely when it comes to a properly seated battery. I've seen a lot of entries regarding the cracks on the front of the battery near the LED bars (which I'm faintly starting to see) but these cracks on the sides with the screws are just spooky. I fly for emergency management and baby the heck out of this drone, no crashes, nothing crazy just surveying hurricane damage.
A few caveates, I immediately remove batteries from the drone and let them cool in ~70 degree vehicle before I put them in the case. I also push the batteries in tight to make sure they don't fall out during flight as I've read a few horror stories. Would it kill DJI to use a little metal on the sides with the flimsy plastic?

Any helpful feedback would be appreciated.


PH4HC Manufactured: Apr 16th, 2018

PH4HC Manufactured: Apr 16th, 2018
9-21 03:48
Use props
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