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Phantom 4 fly away
1893 4 2019-9-22
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Flight distance : 160007 ft

Recently while I was flying my phantom 4 advanced it became disconnected and now I can’t find it. I had 14 satellites and everything was going good then all of a sudden I got a message “aircraft disconnected “. And I never saw it again. I was looking at my iPad when I got the message so I’m not sure where the aircraft went. I had a home point recorded but obviously it never came back.

What’s the default when the aircraft becomes disconnected? Does it land? Crash down? Or fly off?

I have looked everywhere in the area that dji said was the aircrafts last location in an open field and no drone can be found.

I even took a picture of the iPad screen seconds before the craft disconnected showing 14 satellites and emailed it to dji but even with me having the refresh program in place they tell me they won’t replace it unless I recover it and it is deemed a hardware problem.

Please help and tell me what went wrong and why it didn’t come home.  

Attached is a screenshot of my aircrafts status seconds before malfunctioning.

Thank you
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

We are so sorry for your loss, when the remote controller signal is lost for more than 3 seconds, Failsafe RTH will be automatically activated, the aircraft will plan its return route and retrace its original flight route home.
It is recommended to refer to the original flight route in the flight record to find the drone. If there is no result and the drone is still under warranty, please contact our support team to start a ticket for the data analysis, we will provide the proper resolution according to the data analysis result.
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It could have been your imu.maybe it had interference?
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My drone was found by FIND MY DRONE in the app and my friends has found drone after 4 days in the location which was on the map. I lost Contact with drone. Drone has landed 200m from position where i lost connection. This position was in the FIND MY DRONE. I was lucky it was bad weather but no rain.
I hope you can find your drone by the same way.
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United States

Same thing happened to me today but I watched it slowly descend into the ocean, no recovery possible.  Been flying six years and this is the first time return home didn't work.
DJI won't replace because it is out of warranty.
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