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"Dronie" maximum distance: 60m or 120m?
3809 2 2019-9-24
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Yesterday I could only set the maximum distance for the Dronie quickshot to 60m, instead of the usual maximum of 120m.  Weirdly, earlier in the day, in a different spot, I could set it to 120m.
What are the factors to determining the maximum distances of the quickshots?  At my second location I was in a "warning" zone, because of a small airport a few miles away, so I got the "Please fly with caution" popup.  Would that limit the quickshot maximum distances?
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DJI Tony


Hi, thanks for the inquiry. For the dronie mode, the default range is 40 m. The setting range for a mobile device is 10 m-60 m, and the setting range for a remote controller is 10 m-120 m. What is set is the horizontal distance from the starting point to the final point. The maximum speed is 3 m/s. The reason for the short distance may due to the warning zones. We would recommend testing this particular feature again to an open area without the restriction to see if there will be changes. Thank you for your support.
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 2716936 ft

After tapping on the Dronie symbol, tap it a second time to get a slider that allows the maximum distance.
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