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SD card to slow
739 2 2019-9-25
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Seeking recommended SD card for the mavic air. I have a 100 Mbps card, but the app is saying it is too slow. Any help would be appreciated
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If you have a win 10 computer, write a large video file to the card and watch the graph and write speed. It will at least indicate its potential speed and you might discover you have bought a faulty card.
When any card manufacturer has cards below spec, they sell them off rather than bin them. Most cards are fine for less demanding uses. People who bulk buy these sub par chips can easily package them and sell them. Amazon is a great way of buying cheap cards. I only buy from the major manufacturers. I recently had a card that reported a low capacity. I contacted the manufacturer and they asked for the receipt and close up shots of the card. It was a genuine card and they corrected the problem. The point is, users cannot tell if a card is genuine from what is written on it. Good luck and I hope the manufacturer will help you.
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. In addition to the AlansDronepics statement, I've included the recommended SD card for the Mavic Air. Please refer to the image below for further check. Thank you for your support.

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