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And no matter what I do reset wise it won't show up on the wifi.  I can connect to the spark via phone but that's not for me.  I've done the 6 second reset.  I've even done the internal button reset.  I'm not new to this so I'm surprised but I'm stumped.  I'm thinking maybe the previous owner didn't finish a firmware update.  Does it brick the controller? And if so is there a way to connect to the controller via software and reset the firmware.  I've seen differences of opinion on using dji assistant 2. So I have not tried that yet.  I just have a feeling it's not a hardware issue.  Had this happen to me long time ago on a phantom pro.  The controller didn't finish the update and I had to go through a fat process to get it back to where I could even update it again.  This feels the same.  I know there's someone out there with the answer who's smarter than me for sure.

Like Gump says.  "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is!

Any helps appreciated.

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