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Windows app is *VERY* flaky,
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While working on my Sentry program (around 200 lines so far), I noticed 2 things happening from time to time:

1 - Loading my program results in the program code showing in the background and a spinner in front of it. No matter while I wait. If I press ESC (go back to the screen wheere you select DIY Lab) then ESC again (go back to the program), I can continue editing normaly. I would classify this as a clear bug, but annoying.
2 - Sometime, it simple does not load the program. I get an empty editor window. At this point it seem the program was actually corrupted and nothing I tried could recover it. This is a destructive bug so pretty serious.

Be warned if you are using the Windows app (not that there are any other options for sane development currently).

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Hello and good day BGA. Thank you for sharing this information and for sharing your programming experience. This information is very big help to all our DJI co programmers. Please keep us posted on the said matter. Thank you.
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