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Has DJI disabled N1 video encoder use with Inspire 1?
1126 1 2019-9-30
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I put this topic on the shelf for a few months here, but continue to get no video in the DJI Go App from my Inspire 1 when using any of my three DJI N1 Video Encoders. The x3 camera continues to work without issue but any other camera connected to the Inspire 1 will not pass video using the N1 video encoder.

My symptoms remain the same as everyone else--the solid red/green light (indicating its not working) and the "no image transmission signal" in the DJI Go App of course. I have this problem on two custom gimbals with DJI N1 Video Encoders, one with a Flir VuePro camera and the other with a 10x optical zoom camera. I have used both numerous times in years past with my Inspire 1.

At some point in 2018 they both just stopped working with the first sign being the "no image transmission signal" message in DJI Go and of course, no live video stream. The DJI X3 camera connected to the Inspire 1 gimbal does however still provide video and works as it always had. In researching this I found the no image transmission signal mentioned on numerous forums back into late 2016 but related to the Inspire 1 and no video signal from standard X3 and X5 cameras attached to the Inspire 1 gimbal.

The recurrent themes in these threads was that DJI Inspire 1 firmware upgrades were either causing this as a permanent problem or in even more cases what was reported as degraded video performance or reduced range or interference or the like. Most of these threads related to firmware downgrade processes trying to get back to Inspire 1 firmware where the belief was that this problem would be resolved. As the symptoms were similar for me (at least with the N1 encoders no longer providing a video signal out and hence not in the DJI Go app for sure. So I have spent a bunch of time downgrading trying to see if this would get the two N1 video encoders working again with my Inspire 1 and the DJI Go app. This has not solved my problem with the N1 video encoders nor have I noticed any positive or negative impact on the video signal/video quality in the DJI Go app.

I have heard several comments from developers of recent, coupled with all of the N1 video encoder problems mentioned in this forum as well in several other forums as well, that the problem likely has nothing to do with Inspire 1 firmware versions or Matrice 100 firmware versions for that matter.

What I believe may be happening here is not at all firmware related but perhaps just an expiration of functionality in the DJI N1 Video Encoders. I heard that DJI was not obligated, specifically with the N1 Video Encoder on Inspire 1's, to allow them to function for perpetuity but instead perhaps had some fixed life and have since expired. If these encoders are not working for all of us who have isolated them to ensure they have either a guaranteed analog video signal and/or working/proper HDMI video input and no green light is returned any longer, that the N1 encoders have stopped functioning at least in many reported situations including my own.

Can anyone confirm whether DJI has prohibited/disabled the ability for the N1Video Encoder to transmit non-DJI video via LightBridge on the Inspire 1. I would gladly give up on this but have not seen any formal confirmation anywhere online that these multiple N1 video encoders I have used for so long stopped working for a real reason in mid 2018...  

And If DJI has stopped allowing the N1 video encoder with platforms other than the Matrice 100, is there a firmware combo I could downgrade to on the Inspire 1 to get it working again?

Thanks in advance!  

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Any update on this? seems crazy this is still being sold and dont work..
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