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Attention DJI!!! Why don't you offer a UAV with 360 camera?
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I would pay up for a Mavic Enhanced Drone that came with strobes and a 360 degree camera!   Come on DJI!  PLEASE?

I recently had a friend show up to my home with a 360 camera mounted to his drone and we caught some neat footage of each other as we flew. His camera interfered with the the drone image somehow so he couldnt use the 360 for flying as much as for capturing footage of the flight.  But I was thinking.... why doesnt a drone come with a 360 camera?  Could that be the answer to changing the FAA  VLOS rule?   If we had a 360 camera, we would have better visability while flying than any manned aircraft has.  Perhaps an installed 360 camera could be used to get a waiver for flying  out of VLOS just like the parachute has been used for obtaing waivers for flying over people.

There's not much that would make me go out and buy another drone right now. (I already have M2Z and M2P and my old phantom 3 and a spark lol).  but a drone that came with an installed 360 camera would probably get me to buy another!

What do you think?
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Good suggestion!
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This would be great to see, even if just as an attachment.
4-24 13:01
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