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Mavic 2 Pro FPV mode doesn't work
1081 1 2019-10-1
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So I have had my Mavic 2 Pro for a few months now and have figured out a lot of quirks except for one: I cannot get FPV mode to work at all. Regardless of whether I am in sport or position mode, lateral movements are still stabilized as in Follow mode. I contacted DJI and they recommended re-calibrating the IMU, which I did and the readings look fine after as far as I can tell (all green, .0001 or whatever the lowest numbers are). I also calibrated the gimbal after the IMU as directed by them. With the recent firmware upgrade, I redid those calibrations as well and still nothing.

Am I missing something obvious like unlocking something in a different menu? As far as I can tell, my M2P is working flawlessly in all other aspects except for this one thing and I don't quite care enough about it to consider sending it back to DJI, but I would love to experiment with it...
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Hi SenNel, just to verify, have you set the Camera Mode to FPV in Gimbal Settings? If yes, may we have a short video of your operation for better assistance? Also, may I know how did you contact our support? Could you provide us with your phone number and email address for better assistance? Thanks in advance!
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